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Workplace consultancy, office design and fit-out for your dream work environment

Your working environment matters. Get it right and you’ll find your workforce is energised, motivated, and, ultimately happier. Retention rises and absenteeism falls, and employees are liberated to work with greater agility. Whatever your business, we can help you create the right environment for your space and team.

Whether you have a budget of thousands, or millions, we love working with companies of all shapes and sizes to create workspaces that inspire and engage.

We deliver what we promise, when we promise it.

Workplace Consultancy

We'll get to grips with your project drivers, current environment usage, and determine what your people spatially want and need.

Office Design

Imagine an engaging environment which maximises the potential of your space and team. We’ll make it happen.

Fit-out & Refurbishment

Office renovations or moves can be stressful. But we’ll create you an outstanding workspace, on-time and within-budget.

Office Furniture

The right design needs the right furniture to bring it to life. We’ll find those must-have pieces to help you set the perfect tone.

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We transformed Frövi's London showroom into a space that has dramatically increased footfall.

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workplace consultancy can help you save up to 35% in real estate costs.

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Forest Holidays

7,000 sq ft

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case study


16,000 sq ft

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We turned a traditional call centre environment into an agile workspace that has helped attract and retain talent

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did you know

just 57% of employees globally agree that their workplace enables them to work productively.


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The Rhino Fit-out Guide

Transforming your workplace into somewhere your staff want to be can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking at a new building, or planning on refurbishing your existing space, we have developed this guide in the hope that we can pass on some of our knowledge and expertise to make your life easier.

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“Our new showroom has been a resounding success since we moved in. We have seen dramatically increased footfall, and business is booming thanks to our new space.”