Armac Martin

Dynamic Workspace Design

Design and Build
4,000 Sq Ft
7 Weeks

Armac Martin

Armac Martin, established in 1929, is a renowned manufacturer of high-end brass hardware for the luxury interiors market. They set out to create an office space, situated above their warehouse, that mirrored the values and identity of their brand, as well as to provide a fantastic working environment for their employees.

Initial Drivers

For 17 years, Armac Martin’s office space remained unchanged, lacking the collaborative atmosphere they desired. Following a change in leadership, they were keen to drive the business forward. The primary challenge was to transform the workspace into a sophisticated and enjoyable environment, giving opportunities for team collaboration, as well as a space they were proud to bring clients to.

The existing desking system was outdated and oversized for the space. Through a strategic redesign of the desk shapes, we successfully reconfigured the open-plan office space, significantly enhancing its efficiency. The result is not only an increased number of desks but also a provision for future growth, showcasing a refined and optimised workspace.


Rhino partnered with Armac Martin to deliver a seamless and efficient design, initiating a transformative process that involved not only reconfiguring the layout but also introducing a revitalised ambiance through upgraded lighting, fresh painting, and contemporary furniture choices.

Key Challenges

The primary challenge involved a reconfiguration of the space to enhance accessibility to rooms and improve overall flow. The two-level floor plate constrained options for optimal placement of meeting rooms and offices, requiring innovative solutions to maximise space utilisation.


“The team at Rhino were really great to work with. We had a few rounds of amendments to designs and they were always accommodating and we offered their expertise to guide us in the right direction. We would definitely recommend Rhino if you are looking for a new office to be proud of!”

Melissa McGrail – Head of Sales & Marketing | Armac Martin (2023)

Look & feel

In their quest for a refurbishment that mirrors sleek luxury and modern sophistication, Armac Martin, renowned for crafting opulent brass hardware and accessories, envisioned a design that seamlessly aligns with their brand identity. To achieve this vision within budget, beading profiles were used to form elegant wall panels. The carefully chosen neutral colour palette, accentuated by the warmth of walnut woods and oaks, blends seamlessly with modern furniture featuring sleek leg designs. This curated fusion of elements gives an air of distinct luxury, also introducing asophistication, perfectly harmonising with the client’s brand ethos. The result is an office space that transcends mere functionality, resonating with the essence of Armac Martin’s distinguished brand identity.

The result

The revitalisation of Armac Martin’s office space has proven to be a resounding success. The changes not only align seamlessly with their brand identity but also elevate the workspace through the incorporation of brass hardware elements, opulent materials, and a luxurious colour palette.

The new collaborative spaceshave been particularly valuable, promoting enhanced teamwork and creativity among employees.

The transformed office not only reflects Armac Martin’s commitment to excellence but also serves as a dynamic and inspiring hub for its thriving workforce.


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