Workplace Consultancy

Drive profit, Streamline costs and empower talent.

By getting your property and people in perfect fit.

Optimising property expenses and improving staff experience by utilising the accuracy of real-time data gathered from your buildings and staff movements, then adding in a dimension to check how they feel.

Removes the risks of guesswork.

The clarity of people focused solutions.

Eliminates the reliance on assumptions.

A project plan validated by data backed decisions.

Translates risks into opportunities.

UK Workplace Statistics

Only 23% of UK workers are thriving at work
Over 50% of the UK workforce is actively or passively looking for a new job
Just 13% of UK workers are engaged at work
Workplace Consultancy: Head of Workplace Experience at Rhino, Howard Barnes talking to the camera.

The journey to your best workplace

What is Work?

Work is fundamentally comprised of three components: People, Place and Process.  Our work focusses primarily on People and Place, and we look to you to lead on your processes.

We undertake data collection and observation to look into the dysfunctions and friction within your present operation; providing real-time evaluation of the challenges and aspirations within your organisation.

This more holistic understanding of the relationship between your People, Place, and Processes will better equip us to shape your environments ideally suited to the aspirations of your organisation; particularly relevant now hybrid working is part of life.


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Venn diagram with People, Place and Process overlapping and an arrow pointing to where they all overlap. The text "This point of intersection is where the efficiencies are found and the friction is removed. When everything works here the staff will be enjoying the workplace, and talking about it to their friends." is at the end of the arrow.


The Benefits of Workplace Consultancy

A People & Place Study provides clarity and insight in the early stages of any complex project, and forms a key part of the wider Workplace Consultancy.

The clarity and insight given by this study are important, however the secondary (and possibly greater) benefit is the peace of mind these insights provide as the project progresses.

As decisions are made based on the best data rather than assumptions, it becomes significantly easier to mould workplace design around your people, allowing you to chart habit change, such as meeting room and technology requirements, or desk/person ratios.

Defining your success
(and how we are going to achieve it)
  • Stage 1

    The first task we often undertake is to work with the board or leadership team, making sure that the deliverables and the success metrics for this project are clear and are 100% agreed (you would be surprised how often they are not – or they don’t exist).

  • Stage 2

    The second task is to build on an agreed timetable for engagement with the staff, a process designed to build trust with your team through a practical demonstration of inclusion. Change is something that we [humans] are instinctively wary of; many people, it is not an easy thing to embrace. Your staff may need time to absorb new information and adjust to it.

    The benefit of having a third party to support you is that we can field questions professionally from your staff at workshops and meetings, explaining plans and visuals without getting into the office politics.

    During this consultative stage we address questions on topics such as sustainability, wellbeing, collaboration, quiet time and, of course, culture. The objective is to guide you on the journey to a workplace culture which is enduring and takes your organisation to a new standard of accommodation.

  • Stage 3

    Listen & Observe. The tools we use to gather these learnings are a combination of anonymous online surveys, user workshops, 1-2-1 Interviews etc.

    The aggregate data that we collect provides a rich tranche of insight into how your team feel about broad range of topics – from the functionality of present space to social frameworks in the workplace, and their own sense of job satisfaction.

    This then also extends to the data analysis of your meeting room booking (if this is available), which can provide useful insights into way spaces are being used – by whom, for how long and for what purpose.  Armed with this granular detail we can then visualise new meeting facilities better shaped to today’s part-zoom / part present rhythm – and with more effective acoustics.

  • Stage 4

    Address the utilisation of space. Using a combination of on-site observers and discrete sensors we can build an accurate picture of usage – of the time of use, plus the type, frequency, and types of technology that were utilized; all of which can play a useful part in guiding and influencing decisions on future spaces or refurbishments.

  • Stage 5

    Collection of the mass of data gathered in the previous steps rationalised, analysed and presented.  With the recent addition of AI we now have the ability to gather a far greater yield of insight from our data – particularly in multi-site and broad geographical contexts.

    Data alone is not of great benefit without interpretation, and our report sets out to explain what the data and observations is telling us, and more importantly – how this can be projected forward to help future-proof our design for your new workspace.  The objective here is to have undertaken such a thorough consultancy exercise that what we are designing is an answer to your teams needs and wishes, and therefore is creating a workplace which is a joy to visit, not a chore.  

“Howard and the team at Rhino worked with us to develop a People & Place Study that has become a landmark for our workplace strategy. They provided an insightful lead to the project and engaged with staff and stakeholders at every level to dive deeply into the mechanics of our firm, our people, our culture and our unique workplace requirements. It was a well-executed and very worthwhile project.”

Alexis Nicholls
Operations Director | Lodders Solicitors LLP

“The information gathered in Rhino’s People & Place consultancy we’ve used in other things in the business as well as influencing the design process.”

Matthew Potts
Head of Operations | MPAC

“In all my years of employment I have never worked with a company that lives and breathes their values like Rhino does. Respect, creativity and collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and I love the way we embrace new ways to adapt and grow.”

Nigel Evans
Marketing Manager | Invertek Drives
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