Office design and build

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Office design & build

Your workplace plays a key role in your business’ success. We create working environments that allow your people to thrive.

Understanding your team enables us to create spaces which encourage collaboration and inspire creativity. If you are relocating, or you’re looking to reconfigure an existing space, we’re here to guide you through the entire process.

Exceptional results are achieved through strong partnerships; we’ll become your trusted adviser for every step of your office design and build journey. Our people contribute their skills and specialisms throughout, alleviating any pressure and distraction from you at every stage. By forging close team relationships, we ensure that your stunning new workspace is practical, team-oriented and profitable.

Everything we do centres around the success of your business and people. If it won’t make your business a more efficient, productive and attractive place to work, we won’t do it. 

“We have been absolutely delighted with Rhino from my first meeting to the finished product.

Rhino worked extremely hard to successfully meet our ambitious deadline and worked closely with us to ensure we got the workspace we needed. It was a really positive experience throughout, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Malcolm Cocking, Transformation Director at CSI

Our partnership approach

Our collaborative workplace consultancy process allows us to understand the DNA of your business. By building a comprehensive appreciation of your people, places and processes, we are able to design and build office interiors that perfectly meet both your commercial and employee needs. Want to learn more? Book a chat with our friendly team.


Office design & build

Barcode Warehouse

“In all my years of employment I have never worked with a company that lives and breathes their values like Rhino does. Respect, creativity and collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and I love the way we embrace new ways to adapt and grow.”

Sue Coulson, Workplace Consultant at Rhino

Our process

Experience has proven that the best outcomes come from “evidence-based” designs. Combining psychometric study & design flair with 45+ years of successful workplace consultancy & project delivery, we make decisions based on data and experience, not guesswork and hunches. 

This allows us to deliver office spaces that are both aesthetically stunning and incredibly practical. Why compromise when you can have both?

The process
  • Articulate the problem

    We want to understand your pain points. Our workplace consultancy process allows us to learn what motivates your people, what they like about your current space, and what are the constraints; we help your team to explain what would help them achieve peak performance.

  • Space planning

    Space is the first stage of the process – and the most important to get right. Our designers are experts in maximising the potential of your space, no matter how big or small.

  • Conceptual design

    This is where we really bring your workspace to life. From initial sketches to photo-realistic virtual reality tours of your office, we thrive on the creative challenge of designing a space your staff can’t wait to work in.

  • Design development

    The devil is in the detail. This step allows us to take your concepts and make them a reality. We bring all our technical knowledge to the fore as our designers add those little touches that make your workspace unique to you.

Get a quote

Want to get an idea of how much your project might cost?

See our Cost Guide where you can select your design preferences and we can provide a tailored quote specifically to your needs.


See our Cost Guide where you can select your design preferences and we can provide a tailored quote specifically to your needs.

Case Studies - Office Design & Build from Rhino Interiors Group
Dominos Case Study - Office Design & Build from Rhino Interiors Group

Furniture solutions 

We partner with leading suppliers, which allows us to offer you bespoke furniture for your fit out or refurbishment project, designed to fit your needs exactly.

Our experts use intelligent space planning and smart solutions when selecting your furniture, ensuring the perfect union between the conceptual and the practical, providing the greatest return on investment for your space.

Sometimes, all you need is a refresh, or maybe just a reconfiguration of existing furniture with a few updated statement pieces. That’s where Colmore comes in.

A subsidiary of Rhino, Colmore offer bespoke, tailored solutions – just for your furniture needs.

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Industrial &
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Our Office design & build projects…

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James and James Case Study - Office Design & Build from Rhino Interiors Group
James & James

James & James

Creating a purpose built space in both an office and warehouse environment

Dominos Case Study - Office Design & Build from Rhino Interiors Group


Making the return to the office fun and inviting


Veolia Case Study - Office Design & Build from Rhino Interiors Group


Designing a space for collaboration and integration

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