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Who are Rhino?

Your team of commercial fit out specialists, committed to providing exceptional working environments. 

With a heritage of 45 years’ of successful projects, the team use our combined experience to analyse and understand your business’ culture. By investing the time to listen to you and your whole staff cohort, we’re able to better understand your company’s DNA – the mechanics of your team – and align our vision with yours; mitigating risk and removing any uncertainty from the process.

Who we are

Our history

In 1975, David Wheatcroft began his venture into buying and selling workspace transformation products. This is how Rhino was born.

Word quickly spread about our great service and customer-focused experience. This led to consistent growth and, fast forward to the present day, we have built numerous meaningful and strong relationships with businesses across the UK, becoming one of the region’s largest design and fit-out firms.

Last year, we designed and built over a million square feet of high-quality workspace over the year – a record we’re aiming to beat year on year!

“Having a strong sense of purpose and clear values is really important to us. They underpin everything we do here at Rhino, ensuring we build success and make a positive difference for our people and our clients. Our core values are a big part of what makes us, us.”Ben Wheatcroft, Managing Director, Rhino Group

Our values
Our values
  • We get it

    From the outset, we understand our clients’ exact needs and requirements. Clients’ priorities are our priorities; we place them first and foremost in all that we do. This ensures that we get it – from the first conversation to the last.

  • Thrive on change

    Change is not a challenge. It is seen as an opportunity to grow, adapt and thrive, moving the company forward and encouraging innovation and creativity as a team.

  • Do the right thing

    Our instinct is to do what’s right, and uphold good standards and conduct. We do not place the gain of ourselves above others, and know that each team player is pivotal in moving the company on its upward journey.

  • Respect

    We respect and honour the roles and responsibilities that each individual plays in the wider team. We treat each individual with dignity and build each other up, working together for the greater good.

  • Getting ahead

    By staying connected as a team and close to the core focus of our company and its purpose, we can work productively, efficiently and smart – propelling ourselves and the company forward as a whole. We innovate, try new things and are prepared to take calculated risks that set us one step ahead.

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