The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Initial Drivers

The Details

The expiration of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce’s (GBCC) existing lease after more than 60 years, provided an opportunity for them to move to a new location – whilst creating a more agile and modern environment.

The creative concept for the project was to create a space to reflect and celebrate the heritage of the GBCC, whilst introducing new ways of working. We added some classic nods to tradition with some key design features, including ornate rugs, archways, brass features, and homely furniture pieces whilst including some really fresh and contemporary touches.

Our team accomplished all CAT B works, comprising new flooring, decoration, furniture, and bespoke joinery. We also constructed new offices and meeting rooms, ensuring all finishes were in line with the branding for the GBCC. To accommodate the new layout we relocated existing services and installed feature lighting and furniture.

“After over 60 years at our former premises, we wanted to create a space that would reflect the modern Chamber, support team collaboration and a great environment for welcoming our members and partners…

“Rhino Interiors Group have been a truly excellent partner throughout the process. Their team were creative, engaging and very focused on our needs as a customer. We are delighted with the space and enjoying seeing the sense of pride in our team as we settle in to our new home.”

Henrietta Brealey
Henrietta Brealey, Chief Executive
The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce


Rhino partnered with The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce to design and deliver a welcoming destination workplace. They wanted a blend of professionalism and familiarity to encourage people back to the office, whilst acknowledging the values and heritage of the Chambers.

The new space needed to promote a culture of collaboration with alternative environments for people to use, as well as flexible spaces for meetings and events.

Look & feel

We selected fabrics and finishes with the Chambers’ branding in mind, incorporating their essence by using subtle branding details and complementary colours. To create a modern and inviting environment, we opted for soft, comfortable furniture to promote a relaxed feel. Our overall design scheme was “soft and elegant,” aiming to create a calming atmosphere throughout the space, which was enhance with the inclusion of biophilia. These elements combined to ensure that employee well-being was the top priority in this space.

Large bifold doors separate the board room from a soft seating area, these can be fully opened to create a space that will accommodate small-scale events. Flexible furniture gives a number of possibilities to transform the area according to the event needs, giving the GBCC a unique opportunity to host an array of in-house events.

“We kicked off our collaboration with the client on a positive note, and the entire project turned out to be a genuinely enjoyable experience. Our relationship with the building management was fantastic, playing a crucial role in making the project a success. I take pride in this project because we not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, all while staying on schedule and within budget.”

Gemma Kenyon, Project Manager
Rhino Interiors Group

The result

The new Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce space seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Rhino’s design interweaves classic elements with contemporary touches, paying homage to GBCC’s rich heritage.

The project represents a harmonious fusion of legacy and forward-thinking design, reflecting the GBCC’s enduring legacy and future-focused vision.

Rhino’s tried and tested design & build process has implemented across a wide portfolio of successful projects.
By taking the time to discern our clients’ unique workspace requirements and business goals, we’re able to deliver office spaces that are both aesthetically stunning and incredibly practical.
Style and substance – why compromise when you can have both?

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