How does your workspace support attracting top talent in 2023?

Feb 2, 2023

Guest blog by Norton Loxley, HR and Recruitment Consultancy

If attracting top talent is in your business’s growth plan for 2023, then it’s time to consider how your workspace contributes towards creating a positive and enjoyable working environment for your existing and future employees.

With more and more businesses adopting a post-pandemic hybrid strategy, it’s key for employers to really consider how their working environment supports their long-term recruitment and retention strategy. After all, your workspace design could be a deciding factor for a candidate choosing to accept your job offer over another.

So, why should you pay attention to your workspace if you want to attract the top talent?

1. First impressions

In this increasingly competitive recruitment market, your workspace design can truly set you apart from the rest when it comes to sustainable talent acquisition. From the outset your workspace is a physical symbol and representation of your brand, personality and culture.

In this instance, first impressions really do count … especially for candidates who may be attending various job interviews. Whilst virtual interviews have their perks, meeting face to face with candidates will greatly support you both in truly understanding how their skills and experience meets your requirements and how they would contribute to your team.

Consider if your workspace leaves potential employees feeling energised and excited about the opportunity to work for you. If it doesn’t then candidates and your current team may feel unmotivated in their working environment which could quickly lead to a lack of drive and a spike in employee turnover.

2. Culture

We have seen a gradual shift in conversations with candidates over what their priorities are following the pandemic. Time and time again, the most important aspect that candidates are looking to understand about their next employer is the organisational culture and personality. Whilst culture can be hard to measure, it is vital element that should be at the heart of your on-going recruitment activity. Consider the message that you are conveying when marketing your vacancy and how this activity reflects your business.

Your culture needs to be mirrored by your workspace and vice versa. After all, current or past employees are more likely to refer you to their friends or network if they had an enjoyable and memorable experience when working for you.

3. Collaboration and efficiency

Many people will remember their makeshift work from home lockdown office set ups. Whilst some people thrive when working remotely, others can’t wait to get back to working in the office where they can enjoy interacting with colleagues.  

A collaborative workspace that encapsulates your brand and encourages open conversations will aid in onboarding new team members by making them feel welcomed. No matter how thorough your onboarding plan may be, a working environment which allows for open collaboration will greatly support new starters to feel at ease when starting their new role.

Not only does this support the creation of positive working relationships amongst your team, but it will support your recruitment and retention goals by aiding in motivation, productivity and efficiency.

4. Employer brand and talent pool

When creating a standout careers page, you need to keep your employer brand at the forefront. Accurately describing your organisations goals, values and culture will support you in attracting the ideal candidates to apply who meet your essential and desired criteria.

What’s more, active job seekers will want to hear first-hand from your existing employees about how you can support their own aspirations. Whether that be understanding what opportunities you may offer through personal and professional development, flexible working hours or additional benefits.

If you can organically promote the above alongside an appealing workspace, this will support candidates visualising themselves working for your organisation. Most importantly, you want to attract candidates who want to work for you.

Although not every application will be successful, the creation of a talent pool of candidates will be a great start when advertising future vacancies.

Are you ready to attract top talent and grow your team in 2023?

Norton Loxley provide a fresh, business focused take on outsourced HR and recruitment services. We help drive business growth by delivering effective HR and recruitment solutions which are strategically aligned with your goals.

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Written by: Sophie Jackson, Talent Partner, Norton Loxley

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