Is your workplace workforce ready?

Preparing for the Return to Work

After the shocks of recent weeks, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that work will be resuming sometime in the future.  Many leaders now face the dilemma of how to encourage their teams back to the offices that they suddenly emptied in March, and are considering the measures that will be required to safeguard the welfare of the staff. 

Rhino is your guiding partner in these challenging times. For 45 years we have been crafting workplaces in which teams are happy and successful. Never has this been more critical than now, with your team’s return to work posing the next big hurdle.  That's why we've constructed a tailored programme of 'creative resilience’, designed to co-ordinate every step needed to get the show back on the road. 

Immediate Workplace Cleaning & Remodelling

Cleaning and workstation remodelling as outlined in Phase 1 is the immediate step to take to give your team the peace of mind about returning to the workplace. 

This will pave the way for Phase 2 which assesses the next tier of steps to purify and protect your workplace.

The two phases combined will neutralise and eliminate past dangers and ensure your workplace is workforce-ready. Mid-term challenges around best practice going-forward would then commence once basic foundations are in place.

By initiating these measures, this sends a clear message to the team that you consider their welfare of prime importance and are doing what is necessary to create a safe environment. 

Phase 1

  • On-line anonymous staff surveys to understand their concerns and suggestions.
  • Deep-clean of premises – Carpets, UV light cleaning, desk and computer cleaning, fumigation/fogging.
  • Space plan & Re-arrangement of furniture to comply with social distancing, including isolation screens.
  • Hand sanitiser stations and glove dispensary/ disposal.


Phase 2

  • Application of anti-bacterial solution to door handles, push plates and other high-traffic areas.
  • Installation of ‘no-touch’ controls in areas such as washrooms and door handles.
  • Audit of air-conditioning and fresh air filtration
  • Installation of thermal scanners for checking body temperature.

Ready to start your return to work?