Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Consultancy

Great businesses attract the best people. Great environments keep them. Our workplace consultancy can help you do both.

What is workplace consultancy?

We delve deep into the heart of your business to see what makes it tick. We’ll get to grips with your project drivers and how you use your environment, as well as understanding what your people want and need spatially. We work hand in hand with you to balance our knowledge of workplace psychology and user habits with the way you work. This allows us to understand what’s effective and what could be improved. Put simply, we listen, ask and observe until we understand every aspect of your business. Only then will we make suggestions and get to work building your solution.


A frequent outcome of our Consultancy process is to work with clients in the shift to Agile Workspaces, also often referred to as Activity Based Working. You can find out more about these specifically here

How can a workplace consultancy positively impact your business?


Reducing real estate costs

One of the most significant space requirements in an office are desks, but our research suggests that desk occupation is now rarely over 50%, with meeting rooms being used even less. Our approach to office design regularly helps clients achieve a real estate cost saving of between 15% – 35%.


Increasing productivity

Well considered and designed workspaces are proven to improve productivity by up to 12%.
But, fail to optimise these, and the consequences can be disastrous. We take great pride in being here to guide you in the right direction.


Attracting and retaining talent

Talented jobseekers have more choice than ever before, so making your office a desirable place to be is key to attracting and retaining the best people.


Reduction in sick days

Sick days cost the average business £120,000 each year - workplace consultancy can help create an environment that makes staff want to come to work.


Future-proof your office

The infrastructure you implement today needs to be ready for tomorrow. We work with you to carefully consider growth plans, likely technology changes and how the needs of your workforce are likely to change over time.


Improved Collaboration

When done right, the move towards open plan offices can really help collaboration amongst teams and departments. Our consultancy process will help highlight key areas within the office that can support this, as well as help facilitate the changes often needed to help this come to fruition.

“Our approach to workplace consultancy means that we are regularly able to help clients achieve a real estate saving of between 15% – 35% through smarter working practices.”

Grant Clarke | Senior Projects Director

What can you expect to find out from a workplace consultancy project with Rhino?

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Working with us on workplace consultancy

The consultancy process takes between 4-8 weeks on average - dependant on the size of your office and the level of analysis needed. We’ll walk you through a range of processes designed to capture the clearest picture of how your workspace can be best optimised to meet your needs.


1. Stakeholder workshop

We talk to you to learn as much about your business as possible and ensure our design suits your needs.


2. Space occupancy study

Understanding how your existing space is used is crucial. We’ll study how your team use the space and identify over and under-used areas.


3. Staff online survey

Establishing what your staff think of the space they work in is invaluable. Some of the biggest frustrations are the easiest to fix.


4. Focus workshop

We look in-depth at what works and key areas for improvement. We’ll try to get a cross- section of the business to feed back wherever possible.


5. Observations

At this stage, our findings are collated and evaluated, then presented to you with our suggested improvements.


6. Design

With the facts at our disposal, we design an office that looks great and suits the needs of your team and space.

Ready to get started on your dream workplace?

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