Creating successful
co-working spaces


Our methodology involves close collaboration with our clients, building a support team around them to bring their unique co-working vision to life.

Whether established in this sector or a new entrant, our co-working clients strive to identify and showcase their USP and often approach us with a clear, pre-defined vision of their offering. We love to develop their vision as an innovative, creative and cost-effective design that supports a growing community.

Our experience in this sector, paired with our collaborative ethos, ensures we understand that whilst each provider strives to define their own differentiator, they all share the same key requirements: fast-track delivery, quality assurance and a proactive, post-contract support team. Working across the UK, our operational reach enables us to partner with you at whatever stage of your expansion journey you are on. 

James & James VR

This immersive design scheme was put together for a recently completed project, and blends creativity with practicality.



Codeweavers VR

This unique space was designed by our team to produce a multi-functional, flexible and hardworking space that combines nature with industrial rustic.


Future-proofing flexibility


Flexibility drove the co-working revolution; liberating freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the traditional workplace and lengthy leases.
The ongoing pandemic has cemented the future of flexible working and introduced co-working as a viable, acceptable alternative to larger organisations too - not just the traditional freelance and start-up clientele.
Covid-19 has undeniably impacted the co-working space itself. We'll work with you create a workspace layout that considers important factors such as flow, people movement, space layouts and innovative furniture solutions that don't compromise on design but allow your teams to work safely and efficiently.
Successful co-working design and build should ensure that your business is profitable, productive and supports your flourishing community.

Take a look at our covid-influenced collaborative space for Dominos!


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