A World-Class Facility for World-Class People

Design and Build
10,300 sq ft
8 Weeks


A Unified Workspace

Bobst UK & Ireland Ltd had a large office with two workspaces on opposite sides of the building, hindering employee communication. Their partnership with Rhino has completely transformed this divided space, bringing the team together and creating a vibrant, light-filled environment that supports collaboration and teamwork.

Initial Drivers

Bobst identified the need to improve their office layout and to support team collaboration as one of the primary driving forces behind their project. Having originally moved to their current premises in July 1999, they also wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a special thank you to their team – a fantastic new workplace!

In pictures
“Our decision to undertake this project was driven by the need to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace. As well as bringing our team back together, the new environment offers fantastic design and versatility, providing our team with numerous spaces to work and collaborate. Rhino’s professionalism and creativity have exceeded our expectations. We aimed for world-class facilities for our world-class people, and Rhino has helped us achieve that.”

Neil Jones, Managing Director, BOBST UK & Ireland

Look & feel

We infused Bobst’s core brand colours of red and white throughout the design, adding punches of black to add depth. To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we incorporated wood finishes and neutral tones, alongside planting. The result is a cohesive, branded environment that feels both contemporary and inviting.

The result

The partnership between Bobst and Rhino has led to a complete transformation. Light now floods the entire space, reuniting the Bobst team in a vibrant central hub. The single open-plan office is complemented by a variety of alternative workspaces, including phone booths, meeting rooms, and private offices, providing flexibility and encouraging collaboration.

As Bobst MD, Neil Jones, aptly put it, “This is a world-class facility, for world-class people, giving world-class customer service.” This new environment not only unites the team but also empowers them to deliver exceptional service. The combination of open areas and private spaces caters to diverse working styles, ensuring each team member has the ideal setting to excel.

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