What to Expect from Workplace Consultants

If your company is looking to make some changes, be that a fit-out, office redesign, or a shake-up of your working methodology, seeking guidance from an expert team of workplace consultants is a no-brainer. However, it's important you set realistic expectations about how they work, and what they can help you achieve.

Expect to Collaborate

The best workplace consultants will insist they work closely with you. One shouldn't expect to bring in workplace consultants and presume they'll just get to work with little-to-no input from the management team. This won't produce the best results.

To do their job properly, workplace consultants need to understand your business at its very core. This means you'll need to spend a good deal of time with them, allowing them to drill down into how your business works, pinpoint what your staff value most, and discover what specific changes will bring the greatest benefits.

Bringing about workplace change is a collaborative effort between you, your employees, and your team of consultants. Be prepared to get involved to ensure you make the most of your time with your consultants.

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Expect a Reduction of Real Estate Overheads

If you feel you're paying too much for your real estate, workplace consultants can cast a fresh pair of eyes over your office and assess your use of space. 

It's true that many companies pay for more square-footage than they actually need, with a report by Phillips finding that European businesses could save $243 billion in rental costs by optimising their use of space.

Workplace consultants will spend time observing how your employees work, identifying over and under-used work areas, and make suggestions about how your space could be better utilised to both save money and improve your employee experience.

Expect to Retain Staff and Attract New Talent

When running a business, it's all too easy to overlook the day-to-day experience of your staff. There could be small things that, overtime, chip away at your worker's job satisfaction.

Workplace consultants will observe staff as they go about their day and interview them about what they like, dislike, and what changes would most positively impact them and the work they produce. This feedback is invaluable. Without it, you risk losing skilled workers over little annoyances you're simply unaware of.

Proactively fixing these issues will help when it comes to hiring new talent, too. After all, if there's something that isn't working for your current team, it's unlikely to work for new hires either.

If your office is looking a bit drab, a complete office fit-out or workplace redesign could be just what you need to catch the eye of the latest and greatest talent. In fact, how your office looks and feels is more vital to talent acquisition than ever, with 76% of millennials saying that office design and aesthetic influences their impression of the company they're applying to work for.

Naturally, workplace consultants will talk you through the various design and fit-out options to help you make the right design decisions to suit your business needs.

Expect to Boost Productivity

It's no surprise that happy workers are productive workers. You can't expect your team to produce their best work in an environment that makes them glum – that'd be like expecting flowers to grow in a blizzard.

Designing a workspace that actively boosts productivity is one of the key areas where workplace consultants can help you. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to office design, so allowing them to get to know your company culture and how your workers work best is critical.

Sometimes, just introducing some greenery and natural lighting is enough to see improvements in your team's productivity levels. Other times, a more radical reshuffle of how your company works – like adopting the agile work methodology – is required.

Either way, workplace consultants can fill you in on all the latest studies, trends, and advice to help you create a work environment that will empower staff to work to their full potential.

Expect Positive Change

No matter your reason for hiring workplace consultants, the number one result you should expect from the work they carry out is positive change. By the time they leave, your staff will be happier, your business more productive, and your workspace refreshed and future-proofed.

Just expect to have to put the work in on your part, too.

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