Sustainability: How Your Journey With Rhino Works

Dec 10, 2021

Creating a sustainable workplace can be confusing. That’s why we’re working to make it easy for you.

It starts with your goals and objectives. Whether you’re a small and growing organisation new to the concept of low carbon and sustainability, or a large organisation requiring internationally recognised certification for your project, our team will build a bespoke package that meets your requirements.

We have designed our approach to be streamlined and inclusive. From the first enquiry, clients begin a consultation process with the experienced Rhino team. During this discussion, we will work to understand what you are looking for in your fit out, set project expectations and then objectives.

Following initial consultation, a decision can be formed as to which route you would like to follow, in order to maximise the impact of your project.


There are a range of internationally and nationally recognised standards for sustainability within commercial buildings. Working out what is right for you, and how to obtain certification, can be a challenge. Rhino understands that successful certification starts at the design stage. Collaborating with a network of independent specialists in external certification schemes, we’ll work in partnership enabling you to demonstrate secure formal certification. We recommend certification wherever possible, especially to organisations who have established a net zero target and/or wish to demonstrate the sustainability of their workplace to a wide array of stakeholders. Our approach can help your project secure world-renowned accreditations such as BREEAM, SKA, Fitwell, WELL and LEED. Each certification process is designed to get the most out of your office for your employees and the planet. 

Rhino Sustainable Toolkit

If you are unsure about the prospect of external certification (it can be daunting!), then Rhino has got your back. Where external certification isn’t appropriate or preferred, we provide a sustainable design ‘toolkit’ which takes key principles of leading sustainability standards and creates a bespoke suite of sustainability solutions. Although not providing you with industry accreditation or renown, this approach can have numerous benefits in its own right. It allows for flexibility, adaptability and solutions that directly solve current issues or challenges within the existing space.

Once the sustainability route for your project has been mapped, we will begin researching and opting for the most effective design features. Throughout this process we will always keep the project brief front of mind, your certification option to ensure that your fit out is meeting high standards before, during and after the fit-out process. 


The sustainable journey is exciting, dynamic and ever-changing. We look forward to working with and supporting you every step of the way.

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