Blending Brand and Workspace

Office Design & Build
10,000 sq ft
8 weeks

Gousto, Shepherds Bush

An Innovative Open-Plan Workspace

The snowballing successes of Gousto forced them to confront one of their biggest challenges; to create a space in their prestigious London Shepherd’s Bush location that would embody the brand and company’s DNA, setting the precedent for future location workspace design as they expand in the future.

In Pictures

Initial Drivers

Flexibility and an attractive, welcoming space for staff and visitors, as well as potential employees was the main priority. This was followed closely by the integration of clever acoustics that would manage the sound issues that an open-plan environment brings, while still looking vibrant and giving that ‘wow’ factor. When partnering with us, Gousto were taking steps to become a B Corp™, wanting to join the global community of businesses that are dedicated to building a better world.


Gousto were attracted to our proposal – not only as it created the space they envisaged at Shepherd’s Bush, but it was also a design that could be replicated across multiple sites in the future.

Key Challenges

The B Corp application is rigorous, as a badge not only means that an organisation meets the highest environmental and social standards, but also commits them to keeping these high standards up for the long haul. Gousto has since been certified and during the project we took steps to help them to achieve a more energy efficient workspace. This included elements such as low flow taps for better water efficiency, energy efficient lighting and HVAC and sustainable fabrics.

Look & Feel

We created a multi-use space that incorporated practicality with vibrant, bold designs and colours – while managing acoustics in both open plan and closed meeting environments. This resulted in a more agile workspace that promotes collaboration and connects employees.

The Result

The resulting outcome of the Gousto project was a testament to innovation and foresight in workplace design. With Rhino’s expertise, Gousto’s new Shepherd’s Bush office became more than just a space; it transformed into an embodiment of the brand’s identity and values, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and creating a vibrant, flexible work environment.

This new workplace not only meets the current needs of Gousto’s employees but also paves the way for future expansion and adaptability.

A long-term partnership was forged between Rhino and Gousto which has led to further projects: their largest fulfilment site in Warrington, and another two sites in Spalding and Thurrock.

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