Why Should You Bother Hiring an Office Design Company?

The internet age has made it easier than ever before to do most things yourself. For just about any process or skill, a quick Google can set you well on the way to learning all you need to know. So why not redesign and fit-out your office? After all, there are plenty of ’top 10 office design tips’ style blogs floating around the internet.

Well, aside from avoiding a DIY design disaster, there are a few things that an office design company can offer that going it alone or commissioning a company for each part of the process can’t.

They’re Likely to Tell You Things About Your Business and People You Didn’t Know

One key area in which a thorough office design company will have the edge is in helping you understand your people. Some design houses will offer a workplace consultancy service – whereby, they take the time to understand how your staff use your current space and identify pain points.

Before we even get to the impact this can have on your final design, from an HR perspective this has the potential to be a veritable gold mine. From the consultancy findings, you’ll gain insight into how your staff really feel about your workplace – what stops them being as productive as they might be and what’s working well for them.

As for the office design itself, knowing what makes your people tick and incorporating that into the form of your workspace can only be a good thing. Often staff wellbeing and productivity rests upon things that may not be immediately obvious, for instance, it might be as simple as providing dedicated spaces for concentrated working. An office design company will be able to draw this vital information out and help you act on it in a way that’s best suited to your business.

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It’s the Only Way to Maximise the Potential of Your Space

While it’s perfectly possible to manage an office fit out or refurbishment yourself and deliver decent results, you’re unlikely to reap the full benefits of an overhaul without a trained, objective source casting their eye over your space.

Professional interior designers have a conception of space and how to best utilise it that can’t be found anywhere else. They’ll spot things that you hadn’t even considered, for example, perhaps your staff would be more engaged if that bank of desks was repurposed as an area for collaboration. Or, maybe the lighting in your office is impacting productivity. A specialist will not just identify these pain points, they’ll also advise you on the most spatially and cost-effective ways to address them.

It’s a Lot Less Stressful and Disruptive

A refurbishment or fit out has the potential to be an incredibly stressful experience. Keeping track of all the constituent parts of an office fit out – including designers, furniture suppliers, movers and tradesman – and ensuring it all comes in on time and on budget is tough.

What’s more, if done the wrong way, it can also cause huge disruption for your staff – ultimately impacting staff wellbeing and denting productivity. After all, nobody does their best work in an environment that more resembles a building site than an office.

This is where a specialist third party can really help. Any well-established fit-out company should have plenty of experience in managing refurbs and moves in a way that minimises disruption to staff and the day-to-day running of your business. The best partners will also manage the whole thing end-to-end for you – including sourcing furniture and kitting out the space – shielding you from the stress of managing multiple contractors.

It’s Likely to Be Cheaper Overall

This may seem counterintuitive; bringing in specialists in most scenarios is usually a precursor to expense. However, when it comes to transforming your workplace it really is cheaper to hire the services of a third party than do it yourself.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, using a partner who can provide all the services you need ‘under one roof’ is usually significantly cheaper than using multiple suppliers – in fact, it’s 20% on average according to our figures.

Secondly, the design of your workplace should be an investment, one that continues to pay dividends in terms of staff wellbeing and productivity long into the future. If your workspace isn’t designed with future goals and growth in mind, then it’s entirely possible that you’ll have to shell out again within a few years when your team grows, or something changes in your organisation.

A great office design company will use their findings from workplace consultancy to understand what your people and business are likely to need in the future and future proof your design accordingly. Not only making your space a driver of growth but also saving you money.

Going Agile Alone Isn’t Easy

If you’re considering switching to an agile work environment then getting outside expertise is particularly important. While you could polish up on the theory of agile working and make a stab at applying the principles to your workplace, the chances of you delivering the same results as a specialist are slim.

To really gauge what will turn your office into an agile workspace, you need an independent assessment from an expert with a keen eye for space utilisation and experience of creating agile spaces.

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