Rhino Partners with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce


Here at Rhino, we're always looking at new ways to expand our knowledge, connections, and insight. We welcome the opportunity to connect with like-minded people – and establish relationships not just within our own industry – but across others too. 

That's why we're proud to announce our partnership with the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (BCC). The BCC hosts businesses from all over the city, and offers media, networking, and marketing events throughout the year. 

Ben Wheatcroft, the managing director here at Rhino, had this to say: "This marks the start of an exciting relationship with the BCC. We're privileged to join such a diverse network of people and we're looking forward to sharing ideas, promoting our brand, and interacting with other businesses".

Jane Jackson from BCC also applauded the partnership: "Rhino are a fantastic addition to our ever-growing roster of diverse Birmingham businesses. We can't wait to begin collaborating with them". 

Birmingham is one of the most exciting and progressive cities in the UK and home to some of the country's best and brightest. We hope this partnership helps us continue to deliver great workspaces that allow businesses to perform at their best. 

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