Introducing the Rhino Office Costs Calculator

Rhino cost calculatorSo you've been thinking about revitalising your workspace with a brand new fit-out. But two questions remain: how much is it likely to cost and what sort of spec can you expect for your budget?

We've made answering these questions easier than ever. Our new office costs calculator tool allows you to calculate the rough price of a new fit-out based on the size of your office and the scope of your ambition and budget.

How to Calculate your Office Refurbishment Costs

Simply select your specification level – bronze, silver, or gold (based on the scope of your fit-out) – and enter the size of your office in sq. ft. The tool then generates an estimated cost and explains how some key areas, like flooring and partition walls, will be finished at your selected specification. It's that easy.

Try it out for yourself today. Be sure to fill out the form underneath the calculator if you'd like a bespoke, more accurate quotation. 

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