How Can Workplace Consultancy Help Your Business?

Your office space is the central hub of your business. It’s where your employees spend most of their working week, and sometimes they occupy the space more than their own home. Although the balance between time at work and home is slowly shifting, offices still serve as drivers of productivity and translate your company culture and values into a physical space.  

First Impressions Count

Imagine arriving at a new client meeting, only to be met by a cramped, dingy office. The lack of light serving as a perfect metaphor for the company’s closed-off approach, while the only noise to be heard is the heaving of an old aircon system.

This may be adequate for some, but poor first impressions can greatly hinder your organisation's ability to attract staff and establish relationships. In fact, the attractiveness of your workspace and company culture can even outweigh salary as a consideration for prospective employees. 

Optimising the Office

Your office space is where you meet important clients, hire new talent, socialise with co-workers, and strive to produce results cost-effectively. In fact, two of the most valuable aspects of your business are your employees, and your property. Both mutually rely on each other to reach their potential, and your people require a workspace that allows them to collaborate effectively, focus on tasks, and feel a sense of community.

Additionally, your workplace should provide value, by being a place that staff want to occupy. This is likely why one in three employers are investing in their office space to increase productivity and improve staff wellbeing.

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What is Workplace Consultancy?

Workplace consultancy can help you understand how you can best use your current office space by assessing which areas aren’t reaching their full potential. Equally, it can help you optimise your space to best suit your employee's specific wants and needs to improve their working environment. 

It’s not just reeling off a list of what your ideal workplace looks like, or sorting through colourful wallpaper samples to find one which just screams your business mantra. Expert consultancy utilises stakeholder data, study-driven observations, staff surveys, focused workshops, and occupancy studies to remove the guesswork of office design, and provides your business with smart heat-mapping data to reveal both the most and least used areas of your office layout.  

7 Ways Workplace Consultancy Can Help You:

1. Gain Employee Insight

By harnessing staff surveys and workshops, workplace consultancy gives your business deeper insight into the ways employees want to work. A thriving workplace will be considerate of the characteristics and working methods of everyone – and reworking office space with staff preferences in mind can help with productivity, communication, and employee happiness.

2. Improve Employee Wellbeing

Businesses that create spaces depending on their employees' personal preferences and changing needs generally have higher levels of employee wellbeing. Workplace consultancy can identify stressors in your current work environment while providing your staff the opportunity to voice opinions.

3. Enhance Performance

What's more, businesses who are considerate of employee preferences and wellbeing have higher levels of employee engagement. Expert consultancy can optimise your working environment to be less restrictive and enable higher autonomy and flexibility, allowing your employees to be more engaged with their work and, as a result, more productive.

4. Increase Adaptability

Employees and teams do not have a single method of working. Depending on their projects, they may need to have large meetings, work alone, or across departments. Additionally, your organisation may undergo changes, whether it’s new starters, or more employees working from home. Optimising your workspace to cater to these aspects allows your workforce to be agile, and adaptable to change. 

5. Better Use of Space

Workplace consultancy uses data-driven studies and observation to understand which areas of your office space just aren’t being used, and where you need to focus. With greater staff mobility and more remote working than ever before, consultancy can shed light on your day-to-day headcount, and where you're losing money on excess desk space, utilities, and workplace sustainability.

6. Reflect Your Company Culture

Many organisations have created an office space that reflects their company culture – think full grown trees, fairground rides, and private work pods. Not all businesses need or want to be that extravagant, but workplace consultancy gives you an opportunity to translate your company values into a physical space and enhance your employees' sense of belonging.

7. Attract Talent and Retain Employees

Recent studies show that for 48% of job candidates, the room they’re interviewed in would influence their decision on whether to work for an organisation. A fresh pair of eyes can help you identify the shortfalls of your office space, which is critical considering 53% of millennials have changed their jobs due to the workplace features on offer.


Workplace consultancy provides your business with reliable data on your workplace, allowing you to optimise your space based on educated decision making, not just guesswork. To learn more about how a workplace consultancy could help you get the most from your space, download our guide

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