Our Pledge: West Midlands Net Zero

Sep 12, 2021

Our world is changing. Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As your guiding partner, we work with you maximise the potential of your business and resources; ultimately elevating the wellbeing of your people and the planet. Having created and executed innovative, design-led projects for over 45 years, it follows that we are incorporating sustainability into our portfolio and client offering.

However, it’s paramount that we not only guide our clients toward making an active, conscious effort to reduce their impact on the planet – but also our own corporate responsibility. Consequently, Rhino has committed to the West Midlands Net Zero Pledge, an initiative established by the West Midlands Combined authority aimed at leading the green revolution and becoming a net zero carbon economy by 2041. As a Midlands business, Rhino has a key role to play in being part of that change.

Working With Sustainability West Midlands

Nathaniel Weaver, Project Officer at Sustainability West Midlands (of which the West Midlands Net Zero Pledge sits under) shares his thoughts on Rhino’s recent collaboration:

“It is great to see another business developing their sustainability credentials! Rhino Interiors Group has pledged to reach net zero and I am thrilled to be helping them with this journey. Hopefully Rhino can inspire other businesses to also pledge, and start their net zero transition. Rhino have truly understood the importance of sustainable business practices and will soon see the benefits. I look forward to helping them explore their future net zero opportunities.”  

As mentioned by Nathaniel, part of that change includes educating other companies within the region as to the benefits of a partnership. Not only does this ensure we are fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, but it also influences others to join the force for good and promote sustainable practices that become an integral part of the society we live in.

Howard Barnes, Lead Creative at Rhino comments; “Workspaces embody the values of an organisation and their employees. Putting sustainability at the heart of your project is crucial to wider cultural change.”


Rhino’s sustainable practices thus far:

  • Utilising our Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 to monitor our environmental impacts.
  • Ensuring staff are aware of and adopting good environmental practice in everything they do – from managing waste, sustainable travel, video conferencing as alternatives to travel
  • Promoting good environmental practice from our suppliers, and partners.
  • Share our commitment to the pledge and the initiatives we have put in place.

Find out more about the West Midlands Net Zero Pledge here: youtube.com/watch?v=7G6eVt6BWB0

If you would like to know more about our sustainable offering, visit our sustainable workspaces page or read more about it in our blog!

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