Rhino Launch New Roundtable Initiative: Knowledge + Insights Collective

Apr 25, 2024

Rhino is excited to announce the launch of the Knowledge + Insights Collective, a new series of roundtable discussions designed to explore the evolution of workplace environments through shared experiences and insights.

We believe in the power of collaboration to generate ideas and solutions. The Knowledge + Insights Collective brings together diverse professionals from a wide range of sectors, providing a dynamic platform where every voice can contribute and learn from each other in the discussion of key issues and current trends, as well as providing a great networking opportunity.

Who should attend?

These roundtables are crafted for open-minded professionals keen to share and gain knowledge. Whether you’re looking to influence your industry or find innovative solutions to common challenges, these sessions promise to offer valuable insights and an enjoyable and lively discussion. However, these are not sales pitches nor platforms for closed-minded agendas.

What’s on the agenda?

Discussions explore topics such as workplace culture, the impact of economic changes on office spaces, and emerging trends in workplace design and technology. Sessions begin with predefined themes, but often the most valuable insights come from spontaneous debates that veer ‘off-script’. This open format ensures a variety of perspectives, creating richer conversations and unexpected solutions.

Other topics include:

  • Navigating 2024’s biggest challenges: What hurdles are we anticipating in the coming year, and how can we overcome them?
  • Return to work dynamics: Is it all about incentives, or do we need to look deeper to get our teams back in the office?
  • Trust and culture in the workplace: Does a push for in-office presence hide trust issues? Let’s uncover what’s really at play.
  • The multigenerational workforce: From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, how do we cater to the diverse needs of all five generations now in our workforces?
  • Rethinking space in the face of rising costs: How inflation is reshaping our decisions on office space and build costs.
  • Sustainability in retrofit projects: Integrating ESG and Net Zero goals into older buildings — what are the challenges and solutions?

Why participate?

Participants not only gain from the shared knowledge but also have the opportunity to influence the discussion and bring new issues to the table. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of a multi-generational workforce or discussing the future of office spaces post-pandemic, every session is a chance to connect with peers and experts, deepening understanding and expanding professional networks.

Rhino is dedicated to creating spaces that reflect the dynamism and innovation of the companies we serve. Through the Knowledge & Insights Collective, we extend this commitment into the very conversations that shape our industry.

Interested in taking part?

We believe everyone has something unique to contribute. If the topics discussed resonate with you, or you have ideas you wish to explore with like-minded professionals, we would love to hear from you.

Join us to be part of a community that’s driving the future of workspaces. Let’s build environments that inspire, together.

To express your interest in attending one of our future events, or for more information, please email hattie.haycock@rhinooffice.co.uk.

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