How Much Does an Office Fit-Out Cost?

Mar 12, 2019

One of the most common questions we face when speaking with new clients is: “How much do I need to budget for an office refurbishment?”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but a number of contributing factors determine how much you need to budget for an office refurbishment. Additionally, your motives for looking to fit-out a new or existing office space may vary.

First and foremost, you should consider what you’re looking to achieve from your refit or move. 

Why Might You Want to Improve Your Office Space?

Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, there are a few common pitfalls to avoid. Not only because two out of three relocation managers either quit or are fired within six months of the project completion date, but because getting it wrong can also be a costly exercise. Use our Fit-Out Guide to identify how you can cover all angles of your project, so you’re not left at a loss. 

Wondering how much your office fit-out could cost? Our new calculator tool has the answer.

Office Fit-Out Pricing

It’s imperative that you consider what you want to achieve from your office space before you begin planning a budget. This is because your end goal will significantly affect the ‘how much do I need to spend’ answer.

You’re likely to benefit from a workplace consultancy period prior to determining commercial costs, so that your fit-out partner can understand how your staff use their space. This ensures the resulting office design and fit-out are optimised to deliver a workspace that reaps you rewards. 

Office fit-out contractors tend to work on a typical cost per sq. ft, so knowing the size of your space is a helpful starting point for formulating initial ballpark figures. Additionally, fit-out costs may vary depending on the category of your building. 

For example – in Birmingham – typical fit-out costs are as followed; 

Fit-out costs per sq. ftBasicMidHigh
Cat B Fit-out costs£30 – £39£40 – £50£60 – £110
Furniture cost per person   £700 – £800£900 – £1100£1200 – £1500

Level of Finish

Each project is unique, so businesses often require different levels of finish depending on the enhancements they want in their office space. It’s often the case that office fit-out projects will have a combination of basic, mid, and high spec fit-out elements to create the most engaging and effective new space. 

How much does a Basic office fit-out cost?

Functionality and office optimisation are at the forefront of basic-spec office fit-outs. When designed right, a basic office fit-out can improve productivity and collaboration between employees. If you’re looking to create a comfortable working environment for your team, but perhaps don’t want, or don’t have the budget, for all the bells and whistles, then you should allow for between:

£30 – £35 per sq. ft for a basic fit-out costs. For office furniture, allow £500 – £600 per person.

For example:

  • A 2,400 sq. ft space with 25 staff would typically require £75,000 – £87,500 for an office fit-out, with £12,500 – £15,000 for furniture
  • A 15,000 sq. ft space with 150 staff would require £450,000 – £525,000 for an office fit-out, with £75,000 – £90,000 for furniture.

How much does a Mid-Spec office fit-out cost?

The next step up, mid-spec office fit-out projects combine both functionality and office optimisation concepts to form creative, design-led spaces. You can also expect greater focus on improving existing services such as air conditioning, lighting, cabling, flooring, and audio/video. 

Design can help to communicate your business values and culture, while a well-designed work environment can enhance creativity. As your fit-out specifications increase, naturally so does the price.

Mid-spec office fit-outs allow your business to have additional features and functionality that the basic-spec may not afford. For a mid-spec office fit-out, you should expect:

£40 – £50 per sq. ft for mid-spec fit-costs. For office furniture allow £650 – £850 per person. 

For example:

  • A 5,000 sq. ft space with 60 staff would require £200,000 – £325,000 for an office fit-out, with £39,000 – £51,000 for furniture
  • A 20,000 sq. ft space with 250 staff would require £800,000 – £1,300,000 for an office fit-out, with £165,000 – £212,500 for furniture.

How much does a High-End office fit-out cost?

High-end fit-outs have the potential to create an impactful vision for your business – translating your company values, culture, and work-style into your workspace. When it comes to impressing clients and improving your company culture, your choice of office fit-out can make a statement.

If you want to make your office a place where staff want to work, you can expect a range of costs. Although some companies may choose to spend more, the typical spend for a high-end office fit-out is:

£60 – £110 per sq. ft for high-spec fit-out costs. For office furniture, allow £900 – £1500 per person.

For example:

  • A 7,500 sq. ft space with 100 staff would require £525,000 – £825,000 for an office fit-out, with £90,000 – £150,000 for statement furniture.  

Where Do You Start?

Aside from office size and staff count, there are a few other areas you can use to assess where to start with your office fit-out. Consider how you want your company to be perceived, and the industry your company fits within.

Your next office fit-out could range from a Google-style open plan office, or a finely-tuned, minimal space. Before beginning an office fit-out, we observe your workplace habits and assess what your staff want and need spatially. To get instant estimates of how much an office fit-out would cost, try our office fit-out calculator, here.

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