What is it?

Rhino can help you get to the very heart of the matter. Our workplace consultancy delves deep inside your business to see what makes it tick. We’ll get to grips with your project drivers and current environment usage, as well as understanding what your people spatially want and need.

We work hand in hand with you to balance our intrinsic knowledge of the psychology of workplace user habits alongside the current way you work to highlight what is presently effective and what could be improved.

Put simply, we listen, ask and observe until we understand every aspect of your business. Only then will we make suggestions and go to work on building you a truly bespoke solution – one that will inspire and engage your people whilst delivering real benefits to your business.

So, how can a workplace consultancy positively impact on your business?



Working with Rhino on workplace consultancy

On average, the consultancy process takes between 4-8 weeks depending on the size of your office and the level of analysis needed – but we always ensure it works around your business. We will walk you through a range of processes designed to get the clearest picture of how your workspace can be fully realised to answer your unique business needs.



Some of our previous Consultancy projects…