Right-Sizing Your Office

Rapid Right-Sizing Solutions: Property as an Opportunity

Having made rapid adaptations to the business model simply in order to survive the last couple of months, business leaders are now pondering how to make their organizations more resilient on an ongoing basis, with a number of risks remaining.

For Finance Directors, these questions centre on the future cost base and cashflow requirements that will ensure business viability despite uncertain revenue flows. In the short term, cuts to training, recruitment and other discretionary forms of expenditure were relatively conventional responses. However, these are not appropriate as part of a longer term strategy, for which more radical approaches are required.

Change - from the top down

Many organizations are looking at reducing overall staff costs, which, coupled with more flexible working practices, such as remote-working, can also enable a reduction in the property overheads as well.

C-suites will therefore be looking to grasp a new, ambitious approach to their people that successfully combines positive messaging about opportunities, personal growth and work-life balance, with reductions in headcount. HR Directors and Facilities Management can work together to deliver cost reduction by seeking synergies from office consolidations and other forms of real estate space reduction, while creating more stimulating work environments for those that remain.

Property as an Opportunity

With this mindset, property is an opportunity, not a legacy burden. It’s a time to reduce space requirements through intelligent re-design of offices, re-examination of lease terms for all office buildings and looking at options for sub-letting unnecessary space. Workplace design and fitout can be a catalyst for real estate cost reductions of up to 35%.

In the past this might have been a lengthy project, but this no longer needs to be the case. Rhino can help you get a solution that works for your people as well as for your bottom line.

We can help get your business fit for the future, finding a solution that satisfies both your people and financial requirements.

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