Positive Change Management

Mar 7, 2019

For a workspace move or refurbishment to be executed seamlessly, HR becomes a significant influencer. People management must come from the top down, with key decision makers and managers within the organisation playing the primary role in leading positive change management.

Expressing a positive and supportive attitude from the outset builds the positive foundation for a successful office move or refurbishment. As a leader, people will be looking to key decision makers for advice and reassurance. 

Each business is unique and is at different growth stages, however every business can prove benefit from a people plan. A people plan is an excellent way to ensure the needs and requirements of staff are met, as well as planning and anticipating staff changes and future recruitment. A workplace change like updated office design, presents itself as an opportunity to redeploy and review career paths of employees within the company. When employees are offered promotion along with a new workplace to cater for their needs and desires, the predictable result is that they will perform more efficiently and productively.

We sat down with HR expert and industry professional Jackie Goss to really understand the fundamentals and principles of a people plan. In her words, a people plan is “the tactical plan of how the business will fulfil its growth plans through its workforce and people management processes”. It typically includes factors such as learning and development, workforce planning, remuneration, benefits and organisational design, but is unique to each organisation depending on its nature.

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The key to a successful execution of any formulated plan is undoubtedly the strategy of implementation and the “employees’ perspective cannot be overstated” as Jackie advises. Including a range of employees as representatives from the outset is the principal way to ensure you are receiving buy-in from the ground up. Not only does this engage staff with your plans, but they can become the greatest advocates for change; spreading the positivity amongst their peers is one of the strongest convincing factors in winning support from your staff.

Conversely, if employees viewing the workplace changes negatively are left unmanaged, Jackie warns they will fast become “detractors from the project and a threat to the desired change…dissenting behaviours can be a silent scream for the change to stop”. Speak to employees who may take this attitude and find any underlying reasons as to why these feelings have emerged. Where valid and practical, inclusion of features which can address the concerns/issues will help alleviate any friction. As Jackie states, “find out what they are trying to hold onto from the ‘old’ culture and if it should be preserved into the new office setup”.

After all of this, we might be making a workplace transformation, update or relocation sound like the worst headache an employer could face! However, we really don’t believe this is the case! By simply keeping open and transparent two-way communication throughout your project, as well as involving staff in office design decisions regarding the aesthetic look and feel, we are sure you will experience an enjoyable and seamless transition into your new space. 

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