Case Study





Nottingham 2800 sq ft | Leicester 2900 sq ft


4 weeks

The Challenge

Nelsons came to us with a challenge to transform perception of their brand and alter traditional views of a law sector office. They needed to embrace a wholly new way of working opposed to conventional desks, in order to position themselves as the law firm of choice for young talent attraction and retention. 

Our Solution

Our solution for Nelsons was to redivide their spaces, placing an emphasis on the socialising and breakout spaces. This new space was separated into 3 zones: Contemplate, Congregate, & Celebrate. By defining 3 zones, we were able to reflect the different characteristics of these spaces through the level of concentration/noise that was appropriate.  This simple zoning allowed the staff to select the spaces they felt most at ease in as they adapted to the concept that work is not solely dependent on a desks. 

It also invited collaboration and productive team work away from the traditional desk, increasing productivity and staff engagement.

We Provided

Office Fit Out
Interior Design Scheme
Bespoke Joinery

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