Global cities demand world class workspaces – fortunately, Rhino Interiors Group deliver capital business solutions every time.

Putting your London location on the map

Rhino understand what makes the UK’s most globally-influential city such a powerhouse – we have collaborated with hundreds of respected clients who operate in the industries that keep our capital’s economy healthy. Whether you work in finance, international business and commerce, tourism, media, technology, retail, transport, manufacturing or global brands, Rhino have the experience and expertise to ensure your surroundings fully realise the potential of your people and business aspirations.

We have brought to fruition numerous interiors projects across the business sectors that make London one of the world’s most vital and vibrant cities, with quite a few successes in the capital itself.

Our clients include:

Ryanair, Stanstead (global airline warehousing division)
• Insurance Choice (insurance brokers)
• iNexus (software developer)
Colorscan (print company)
Simply Business (insurance brokers)
ABCAM (scientific research)

Most crucially, Rhino will ensure that your London office is an effective, dynamic environment that will inspire and empower your employees, clients and visitors – allowing your people and your business to thrive within world class surroundings.

So, if you have a workspace dilemma to resolve, speak to Rhino. As one of the UK’s most respected interiors specialists with over 40 years of experience, we can maximise the potential of your London base.

Contact Rhino at or simply drop us a line on 0247 759 1513