Returning to work after Covid-19

Ensure your workplace is workforce-ready!

Give your staff some safety and security when returning to work, during this current Covid-19 pandemic with Rhino's return-to-work offering. Keep visiting this page for essential products to get your team back to work safely and happily.

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1. Rhino Workplace Isolation Screens

The Rhino Isolation Screens provide a rapid-fit, strong and flexible solution to assist in bringing your organisation out of Lock-down and ensuring continuing business operations.

Buy yours today for just  £45 (ex VAT)

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2. Personal Protective Equipment

Rhino have secured an offering of 2 different masks, protective visors and infrared thermometers to ensure you are providing your staff with the highest level of protection on their return to the workplace.

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3. Hand Sanitising Stations

Ensure your team and the workplace maintain safe and hygenic. The Ilona hand sanitising station offers a no-touch dispenser of hand sanitiser, operated with a foot pedal attached to a sturdy, vandal-proof base. Install in building entrances and high-traffic areas to provide quick and efficient sanitisation. 

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4. Workplace Fogging 

Our fogging service uses a fully trained technician with a hand-held, portable fogging machine which produces a fine mist at up to 6-8mtrs, disinfecting a whole room in a matter of minutes.

We use a bactericidal, fungicidal, viricidal and sporicidal surface-sanitising solution designed to bring broad spectrum pathogen protection and biological cleanliness to large areas in an instant. This high-performance sanitising solution is independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.

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