Why You Need to Fit Out Your Birmingham Office

Birmingham has long been the business hub of the Midlands, attracting entrepreneurs, big brands, and exciting start-ups from across Britain. But fresh data has revealed a new challenge facing Birmingham-based businesses.

The Challenge

A new report has unearthed an astonishing fact:

38% of Birmingham’s population is under 25 years old.

Impressive, considering the national average is 30%. Birmingham also retains well over half the graduates from its five universities. It's no wonder it's been recognised as Europe's youngest city.

For local businesses, this means the city is practically bursting with fresh talent, hungry to work hard and kick-start their careers.

While this may sound more like an opportunity than a problem, the challenge lies in attracting these graduates to your business amongst a sea of tough competition.

How to Attract Birmingham’s Brightest to Your Office

Young people have different criteria when selecting a workplace than older generations. They want to work somewhere dynamic, inspiring, and collaborative rather than competitive. Here’s how to ensure your workplace is an alluring option for them.

Hey Good Looking

Your workspace needs to look good. 

In fact, the appearance of your office has a huge impact on your chances of attracting younger workers. 76% of millennials cite the look and feel of a workspace as heavily influencing their impressions of a company and 1 in 5 turned down a job after being unimpressed with the design of their workspace. 

Layout Informs Process

It’s not just looks but the layout of your office that appeals to new graduates.

They prefer to work in ‘campus-like’ workplaces, meaning offices that offer a variety of different areas accommodating different tasks. This typically translates to a large open office space for collaborative work, smaller break-out areas for meetings, and even smaller ‘pods’ for focused work or private calls.

These are all elements of the agile work methodology, which is well worth brushing up on if you’ve never heard of it.

Breaking Down Barriers

Gone are the days of separating employees based on hierarchy. Younger workers want offices with a less rigid structure. Again, this aligns closely with the concept of agile working.

When it comes to management, 79% say they want a manager that serves as more of a mentor than a traditional boss. You can facilitate this by ensuring management isn’t hidden away in separate offices away from the main working area.

Is Your Birmingham Office Ready?

Look around your workspace and ask yourself:

  • Does my workplace inspire me and my staff every day?

  • Does my office feel and look modern and fresh?

  • Has my workspace been designed in a way that encourages my team to be productive and collaborative?

  • Are managers located somewhere they can easily communicate with the rest of your staff?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to consider an office fit out. Without an outstanding workplace that caters to your team’s needs while also appealing to the next generation, your chance of taking advantage of the current youth-quake shaking Birmingham is slim.

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