What Graduates Want From Your Office Fit Out

Move over millennials. Gen Z is the latest generation to enter the world of work. Fresh out of university, graduates are looking for a place to kickstart their careers. And that includes you. 

With so many companies competing for the best talent, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. 

Why an Office Fit Out is Important

Your office design is one of the first things applicants will notice when they step foot in your company, and often heavily influences their decision in whether to join your team. So, making a good impression is key. 

If you're planning an office fit-out, you should aim to accommodate the wants and needs of this emerging workforce – to make your company an attractive and desirable place to work. 

So, here are what graduates want from your office fit-out. 

Work-life Balance 

Many graduates value a healthy work-life balance above all else. If you want to appeal to a younger workforce, you need to ensure your office is built to maintain this balance, to keep your employees happy whilst they're at work

With this in mind, you'll want to supply break out spaces. They provide a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of office life and give your employees somewhere to take five and gather their thoughts. These spaces are important, as breaks from the desk can work wonders for employee's mental health and well-being

Don't be afraid to spice up your office with different amenities too. Giving your employees fun activities to do on their lunch breaks (like table football, pool, and card games) all help to foster an inclusive and healthy work environment. Perks like dress-down Fridays, free pizza, and other benefits also promote a positive, wholesome working culture.  

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Younger generations are looking for collaboration, flexibility and choice in where, when, and how they work. With the right office design, you can give them all of this and more. It's all about creating an agile workspace that has flexibility in mind. 

Offering multi-use areas and support for staff to easily work across departments (or at home) gives them increased freedom. This, in turn, boosts productivity and collaboration.

Make sure your desks are set up to accommodate hotdesking, remote working and collaboration. All three consistently rank high on the list of desirable business traits. So, try and accommodate these practices as part of your workplace culture. 

Great Company Culture 

Pay is no longer the number one priority for younger generations. They're far more likely to join a company that suits their personality and aligns with their values and beliefs than one that offers more money. So, use your office fit out as an opportunity to put the best aspects of your company culture on display. Show people that your business is collaborative, inclusive, and positive. 

You can do this by choosing décor, furniture, and designs that are aligned with your values. This means making liberal use of your brand colours and installing bespoke furniture that reflects your culture. 

Everything contributes to the overall impression you give off as a business, so let your design do the talking. 

An Enticing Place to Work

All of the above comes together to make a workplace that's not only appealing to a new generation of workers but to your current staff too. To be fully prepared for the challenges of the future, you need to ensure your office is a place that breeds positivity and enables staff old and new to keep performing at their best. 

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