Rhino becomes 100% agile!

Rhino Interiors are moving with the rapidly changing times!

We are pleased to announce that from June 1st 2020 we will be putting our philosophy into practice and consolidating members of the team into our Birmingham workplace in the heart of the city; improving the experience for customers and team members alike.



What does this mean for us?

This means the use of agile office design to move to a whole new way of working that is fit for the future.

As Managing Director, Ben Wheatcroft states;

“We are creating a truly agile work environment in Birmingham through better office design and new working practices. This is a really exciting opportunity for us to focus on our many local clients even better, being physically closer to them.

Whilst the lockdown period has clearly been extremely disruptive in the market, it has at definitely given us the opportunity to trial new remote-working practices! Interestingly, we’ve found that team motivation and productivity have actually increased.“


Looking ahead

Over recent years, Rhino has gained significant experience incorporating new working practices into office refurbishment and fitout programmes for our clients. Many others of course are now facing similar problems and may be glad to speak to someone who has had to live through and overcome the same issues.

Senior Projects Director, Grant Clarke, added:

“I have been inclined to migrate entirely to agile working for a while , but the team was initially quite skeptical about the loss of regular contact with other members. It is always important to consider the emotional and cultural impact of a substantial change into account, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised about how the new ways of communication, including virtual team meetings, have helped us keep a high level of collaboration going within the team. This flexible approach means that everyone is more in control of their work schedule and feels very empowering.

Going forward, this has helped us define a new approach to work, involving a blend of face-to-face meetings and digital communications that will be great for my customers and colleagues alike.”


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