How to Attract Graduates to Your Business

One of the biggest challenges contemporary employers face is attracting talented graduates to their business. The modern workforce is no longer motivated by pay alone. To truly appeal to the next generation of workers, businesses need to offer more flexibility, an attractive company culture, and a happy, engaging work environment.  

Graduates are the future of your business. But with countless companies all competing for the best, you need to make sure your workplace stands out from the crowd.

Below are some of the very best strategies to attract graduates to your company.

Promote Collaboration

Collaboration is the hallmark of any successful business, so it's no surprise that it's one of the key factors graduates are looking for.

When your employees work together, you get different but equally valuable perspectives on tasks, issues, and challenges. Better still, by encouraging collaboration, you give each member of your team equal opportunity to get involved. This makes each employee feel valued and appreciated as part of the wider organisation. 

You can boost collaboration by adopting contemporary working practices like activity-based working. Setting up your office to allow for cross-departmental collaboration, spontaneous interaction, and better communication will improve your overall efficiency and make your workspace that much more desirable to prospective employees. 

Millennial and Gen Z graduates won't commit to a company based on a bigger paycheck. Loyalty is earned by a connected environment, great people, and shared goals. If you've got a workplace  with collaboration at its core, you won't be short of people queuing up to be a part of it. 

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Encourage Flexibility 

Today's workforce craves mobility. They want to be able to work when, where, and how they want, and thanks to modern technology, they can.

Work is no longer confined to the office. Technology has allowed work to take place anywhere with a stable internet connection. Whether that's at home, on the train, or in your favourite coffee shop. Graduates want businesses to provide this kind of freedom in their chosen profession. Giving your employees the option to work remotely or offering flexible hours, can help you appeal to the faster-paced, more agile generation of workers. 

When you give people freedom, they feel trusted. Up to 73% of employees using flexible working said that it's improved their overall job satisfaction.  With results like that, the time to encourage flexibility is now. 

Foster a Great Company Culture

Alongside flexibility, graduates expect a positive and engaging work culture. You've got to make them want to come to work every morning. Company culture is so essential that 64% of workers would trade a higher salary for a more positive and engaging social culture. A great company culture stretches far beyond the solitary pool table in the back room, it's about actively promoting positive core values and letting them permeate everything you do.

Your offices should be designed to facilitate your company mission, allowing employees to become fully invested in what you do. Having a culture that emphasises a work-life balance is also desirable, so having break-out spaces and social zones will help make your workspace somewhere people actually want to spend time in.

Ultimately, if you've got a great culture, show it off! Social media is a great way to connect with prospective employees.  By being active on different social channels, you can promote your company culture and draw relevant people to your business. Plus, platforms like LinkedIn let you engage, interact, and even hire interested candidates. 

Create a Happy Place to Work

All of the above culminates in a work environment that will keep current staff engaged and leave prospective staff eager to join. When staff are excited to come to work, they're more likely to be enthusiastic, creative, and productive. Likewise, if candidates can see that your business has a great, forward-thinking culture that appeals to their needs, they won't hesitate to apply. Graduates are the future of your business, so make sure you put your best face forward.

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