What's Most Important in Commercial Office Design?

Effective and inspired commercial office design is crucial to motivating, engaging, and supporting your employees — so they remain happy and productive while they're at work. There are many different factors to consider when embarking on a new office fit-out or refurbishment and with office environments constantly changing, it can be hard to decide what areas to focus on first and where to commit your precious time and resources.

Thankfully, we've outlined the most important things to keep in mind when planning your commercial office design. Consider these three factors and you'll be well on the way to creating a successful, attractive, and productive work environment. 


It's no secret that the layout of your office is an extremely important part of how your business operates as a whole. It determines how effectively your staff can work and how easily they can interact with each other. If your layout is disorganised, you'll be making things harder for both your employees and for you. 

With this in mind, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to the layout of your office. An open plan layout with a number of separate break out areas that offer privacy, reduced noise, and individual spaces to focus, are becoming increasingly popular — with many companies opting for a mixture of both open and closed spaces to boost collaboration. 

Flexibility is also essential for the modern work environment. Spaces must be adaptable and have the capacity to perform any kind of task, on the fly. Having agile work environments that cater to an eclectic mix of different functions allows you to maximise the potential of your space and gives your staff the freedom to work however and wherever they want. 

It's also worth evaluating the benefits of arranging your office so that all essential areas are in close proximity to the people that will use them most. Reducing employee proximity to key parts of your business will increase productivity and allows for a more streamlined work process — a win-win. 

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Ultimately, functionality beats any gimmicks, frivolity or wacky design features. You want your office to be designed with practicality, efficiency, and accessibility in mind. 

Does your current office design allow your employees to work to their full potential? Have they got quick, easy access to all of the resources and services they need? Are there sufficient places to relax and unwind? It's important to use questions like this to gauge your business's needs and plan accordingly. Whether it's more break out areas, collaborative spaces, ergonomic furniture, or less clutter — take feedback from all levels across your company to ensure your design is a good fit for employees old and new.

There's no magic cookie-cutter design that will work for all businesses, so it might be worth enlisting a workplace consultant to help. They'll be able to calculate what areas your employees are using the most and what is neglected — allowing you to get the most out of your design. Your office space needs to be equipped to deal with growth and the challenges of the future, so make sure you're fully-prepared. 

Brand/Company Culture

Your office design is an integral part of your company's brand and culture, and plays an important role in how your business is perceived, by employees and prospective clients alike. Commercial office design is a fantastic way to express your brand and promote your company’s unique identity in its look, aesthetics, style, and feel.

Professional, tailored office design is a great way to enhance your businesses core values. As there will be guests, clients, and business staff visiting your office regularly, it's important to ensure that your workspace is both attractive and inviting. Show off your brand by choice of decor, furniture, colour and spacial design.

Truly compelling office design actively recognises and accentuates what makes you different from your competitors. Often it’s subtle distinctions and unique characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd, and helps you attract new clients. 

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