Your Workspace & Staff Attraction and Retention

To quote Richard Branson: ‘If you look after your employees, they will look after your clients’. This quotation emphasises the importance of prioritising employee wellbeing and satisfaction in the workplace. For your business to flourish as it should, employees need to become engaged with the business and the work it is doing. This will ultimately prompt them to produce work to the best of their ability, whilst maximising productivity. Consequently, the below factors we discuss will ensure the attraction and retention of your best employees.

Studies have shown that the most engaged employees are also the most satisfied. Highly engaged employees also have increased levels of concentration, and the ability to work better collaboratively.

Creating a highly engaged workforce with high retention rates is achievable through designing an adaptable yet resilient workplace; enabled by providing employees with the opportunity to work flexibly dependent on the nature of their tasks. Accommodating for both quiet spaces and open plan collaborative areas within the workplace design is paramount, to ensure that all workplace styles, needs and preferences are catered for. Employees that require a quiet place to retreat to can therefore escape the noise of a collaborative space. In addition to creating a variety of working spaces, the inclusion of an area designed for informal and social communication is of importance, so employees can take a break, relax and unwind.


How To Begin Your Journey In Providing The Best Employee Environment 

Enhancing creativity can be achieved within the primary stages of the planning and design process. The simple injection of colour within the workplace scheme can transform the morale and mindset of your workforce. The colour yellow inspires creativity; red encourages focus and attention to detail whilst green improves productivity. The inclusion of biophilic elements within the design such as indoor plants can help to reduce stress, clear the air and enhance the overall mood of the office.

Employees who feel they share a purpose and common goal are naturally more driven and motivated. A simple way to achieve this is through the incorporation of your brand, corporate colour and culture within the fundamental design. The displaying of awards and staff recognition programmes is another way to celebrate the talent within your organisation and consequently motivate them further. 

Providing up to date technology is essential in promoting optimal productivity levels and employee satisfaction. Ensuring that your employees have access to resources facilitates effective collaboration and efficiency when working. Additionally, providing employees with portable laptops or iPads will allow them to work more flexibly – whether its moving desks frequently, or working from alternative locations.


Fundamental Roots of Employee Satisfaction

Ultimately, maximising employee engagement and retention stems from focusing on the fundamental root of individual happiness. Establishing a pleasant and contemporary working environment will sequentially produce satisfied staff, who will be more motivated to produce work of an excellent standard and show are and value when dealing with clients.

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