How Commercial Office Design Can Be a Catalyst For Change

Thinking of updating your commercial office design? Undertaking an office fit out or refurbishment is an excellent way to improve the functionality and aesthetic of your business. But it's also a great time to implement other changes around the office such as transforming your company culture or improving conditions for staff. 

Read on to discover how commercial office design can kick-start important developments and positive adjustments to your workspace.

Kickstart Office Changes

Workplace Culture

A commercial office redesign is a fantastic opportunity to reinvigorate your company culture and bring a fresh, novel way of operating. It's also a great chance to begin re-branding your business and tailoring the interior office design to your aspirations, goals, and philosophy that your company adheres to.

Think of your new office as a blank slate, that with the right design — has the potential to become a creative, thriving and forward-thinking workplace. You'll want to choose décor that is in line with the culture you're promoting, whether that's specific colours, designs, layouts, appropriate furniture or specific branding. 

However, a new and updated office design is just the start. To fully prepare for a culture change, you'll want to consider appointing change champions — to assist with any questions, difficulties and general queries from your employees. The person appointed this independent role will also liaise with leaders and staff to pass on any feedback to higher management. This can mitigate potential issues before they develop and will help your staff adapt to any changes in working practice that they may experience. 

Customer/Client experience

First impressions are everything.

If prospective clients find that your workspace is cluttered, disorganised and outdated — then it won't be long until they find the exit.

On the other hand, attractive office design can go a long way and often leave visitors with a positive, lasting impression of your business. Make sure your workspace is modern, functional and effectively displays your unique brand — and you'll have clients queuing up to work with you.

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Effective recruitment is essential for any growing business. To help recruit top talent for your company, your work-space should aim to incorporate key principles such as inclusivity, collaboration and versatility in its design.

Your office space is the first thing prospective employees will see when they interview at your company. With 76% of people aged 18-34, stating that that office design and aesthetic strongly influences their initial perceptions of a business, it's essential that you stand out from the crowd.

Take advantage of your updated commercial office design and you'll have a work environment that delights prospective employees and clients alike. 

Needs of Current and Future Employees

Your office environment isn’t just a crucial part of attracting new talent to your business – it also plays a vital role in keeping current staff content and productive.

If a long-time employee has seen insignificant development in their office design and work environment, they may think their company is outdated — and may start looking for more progressive employment elsewhere.

Enhance your work environment and office design for current employees and you'll be rewarded with increased productivity and higher satisfaction rates. Plus, you'll ensure they have a well designed, future-proof workplace for years to come. 


Agile Working

A key component of the agile working methodology is the versatility it can bring to your workspace — giving your staff the power to work when, where and however they please. 

Agile workspaces are created with flexibility in mind. Offering multi-use areas, hotdesking, and  support for staff to easily work across departments (or at home) gives them increased freedom which, in turn, boosts productivity and collaboration.

Applying the agile working methodology to your workplace will require a change to both the existing mindset of your staff and to the design of your office. So it's important to consult with your employees and see what works best for them. Remember there's no golden rule, so find out what works for your company and don't be afraid to adapt it if necessary. 

Collaborative Environments

In recent years there has been a shift away from typically divisive and isolated office spaces, in favour of a more dynamic, co-operative workplace — and it's not hard to see why. 

Collaborative environments foster creativity. Allowing employees to work openly together encourages them to converse, exchange ideas, and develop insights for combating business problems. It also creates a supportive environment which promotes problem solving and active engagement between colleagues, leading to better results.

In fact, a study found that working in a collaborative environment allows staff to focus on set tasks 64% longer than their isolated peers — another reason a commercial office redesign can be a change for the better. 

Office design is one of the most important parts of a successful business and (if utilised effectively) can facilitate growth, while supporting and enhancing your brand. 

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