Delay in Moving Office? 6 Ways to Mitigate the Impact

For some it may mean delaying an office move until a later date – creating an immediate problem of how to make a capacity office work smarter. However, with a creative approach to your office design, there are some ‘hacks’ which will free up space and increase occupancy, while making the environment feel less cramped.

So if you are looking to increase staff numbers without increasing your office space, here are a few tips:

1) Analyse what spaces are the least used

This will often be the meeting rooms, the reception and a few other pockets around the office. You need to look at freeing these areas up for other uses, or making them work smarter.

2) Banish the cellular office culture

These occupy a disproportionately large footprint for the number of staff they support, and while it is necessary to provide senior management with privacy – today’s technology means that they should be able to move easily into a cave or private booth for confidential calls or report writing.

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3) Build in zones

Introducing changes of floor and wall finishes help create different zones which break up a space and add interest. And at the same time they allow you to squeeze another function into the area – a print zone or an impromptu meeting point for example.

4) Look at desk occupancy

Don’t be afraid to challenge the notion that everyone needs their own desk. Many offices support vacant desks as a proportion of the staff are always absent from the office – only to complain that there is no space!

5) Desk size

Times have changed – but the desk size often hasn’t. Maybe now is the time to be looking at investing in new desks, fitted with monitor arms and other screen based accessories to create a sleek new environment that works more effectively. And you could also consider using bench desking rather than individual desks; giving you the flexibility of accommodating more staff when needed.

6) Critically assess your storage space

How much of your office storage is filled with clutter or archive material that does not necessarily even need to be kept? Think about what could be stored off-site, and design in storagewall to use the full height of the room for maximum storage space in the minimum footprint.

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