Design Review - Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

The sun was shining (most of the time!) throughout Clerkenwell Design Week, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The unique fascination of the festival captures thousands each year – bringing the cobbled streets steeped in rich history alive with people from all walks of life.

Following the precedent we set in our blog after last year's CDW, we thought we would wrap up the key design features from this year. Below are a few of our thoughts and takeaways we brought back from our insightful visit.


Wellness and connection to nature still seemed to be the most influencial factor expressed in supplier's new product designs.

There were definitive design themes this year that weaved their way noticeably through the design showrooms around Clerkenwell. Muted pastels still evidenced themselves in many designs, but we felt the primary theme revolved around nature and wellbeing for many of the brands. The muted colour palettes applied across products ranged from burnt oranges and deep , earthy reds, through to dusky blue and soft blush pinks.

It wasn’t just the colour choices that reflected the wellness theme, Milliken showcased some great new designs that expressed unmistakable cohesion with the natural world, as pictured below.


There were some really innovative displays, evidenced we felt particularly well with Ultrafabrics, with their Japanese-inspired leather cut-out panels showcasing the simplistic beauty and materialistic qualities of their leather. Bolon flooring were a close contender, with their constantly evolving leading range of woven flooring designs, introducing an art-deco nature-inspired weave this year.


Resimercial is still on the rise!

The resimercial theme was unmistakable, with many of the furniture designs resonating the properties and feel of residential furniture. This highlighted that the work/life balance is really seeping into every facet of our workplace, especially through furniture design. Many of the furniture suppliers' products promoted the importance of acoustics in workplace design, with acoustic panels becoming much more of a design statement than an ugly necessity. 

Movable and configurable furniture pieces also dotted the many showrooms, with Connection and Spacestor showcasing this well. Many of these products utilised the raw beauty of wood, especially shown through Bene's Pixel 'building block' range.


We really enjoyed Clerkenwell Design Week this year and look forward to seeing designs continue to evolve and be incorporated into workspaces of the future

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