Sustainability: Bolon

As part of our drive to promote and incorporate sustainability wherever possible, we’re highlighting products that serve their purpose - without costing the earth.

First up is Bolon flooring, which we have used in a number of projects to great effect.

Who are Bolon?

Bolon is a world leading design company fusing flooring, spaces and experiences to create flooring designs that leave a great impression, with a small carbon footprint. They strive to integrate sustainability into all stages of their supply chain: from raw material to the customer.

The company began when CEO Marie Eklund’s grandfather started weaving off-cuts into rugs. The concept evolved, drawing on expertise from Marie's skills in fashion and design, and her father's innovative mindset. The products they produce today still imbibe that original passion and drive to create something unique, sustainable and beautiful.


What do they do?

Bolon is a company that delivers design-led flooring which achieves long-term sustainability. They develop and produce subtly decorative, durable floors suited to both commercial and public environments. The flooring has a unique woven-vinyl structure with many design possibilities, enabling each interior to be unique.


Bolon's and Sustainability

Continuously strive to improve all stages of their production line, Bolon place sustainable working practices at the heart of everything they do. Installation of their recycling facility enables waste material to be used to make new floors. Their entire factory is powered by 100% renewable electricity. Hazardous chemicals and heavy metals are nonexistent in the production process and raw materials sourced only from environmentally best polymer factories. Bolon’s floors themselves are also all free from toxic plasticisers and harmful heavy metals, ensuring a healthy and sustainable working space for end users. It's clear that their ethical, environmental and sustainable approach is integrated into the very fibre of the brand - not just the flooring.


Bolon in use...

Rhino Interiors specified Bolon flooring when working through the design process for the new workspace of environmental consultants Ecuity, now Gemserv, whose office is located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Bolon’s flooring was the perfect solution to Gemserv's requirements, being consulting company that focuses on driving the low carbon agenda. Despite a tight budget, sustainability was a high priority for the Gemserv team, alongside having an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment to work in.

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  |  Bolon Botanica Cilla in Gemserv's boardroom


Another example of Bolon in-situ was in British furniture manufacturer Frovi's Clerkenwell London showroom. Together, we selected Bolon flooring as the flooring of choice to be installed across the majority of their basement floor. The durable, tough and hardwearing floor is perfect to withstand the demands of a high-traffic showroom containing heavy furniture, as well as introduce a designer element without detracting from the furniture displays.


  |  Bolon flooring in Frovi's showroom


Why do our clients like Bolon?

"The team and I were extremely excited by our new office space and Rhino did not disappoint. The design is flawless and has created an environment that is calm and inspiring to work in. As a small business we had to monitor costs carefully, but incorporating sustainability into the design process was important to us and using Bolon flooring added to our pride in the space. Visitors often notice and we draw attention to the flooring as a standout element of the overall design."

James Higgins, Partner at Gemserv


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