Acoustics In Office Design

Acoustics in office design is increasingly becoming a high priority for our clients. Historically, the word ‘acoustics’ in an office meant choosing between a half-height or full-height partitioning. In today’s agile world acoustics are an integral part of design; from carpet to wall coverings there are hundreds of options and everything is consequential to the acoustic properties of a space.

Innovative methods of incorporating acoustic into a flexible, agile space whilst still being aesthetically pleasing, are increasingly popular. We love the configurable acoustic designs by companies like Creatif and Office Reality. Did you know you can even get acoustic lights and wallpaper?!


Flexible and varied application of acoustics are not only aesthetically integral to a design but are vital in promoting the wellbeing and addressing needs of employees. Each person responds differently to their environment. Some responding to the look of a space, some to the noise surrounding them and others to the feel of the materials used. It’s therefore a fine balance as to how – and how much – acoustics are incorporated into the working environment. Too quiet can be unnerving and stunt conversation between employees; not enough acoustic soundproofing can be distracting and unproductive.

Agile working is empowering people to work flexibly - learn how businesses are  keeping up with this demand in our guide.


The lack of acoustics doesn’t have to mean a complete office refurbishment. The simple and cost-effective method of introducing storage and bookshelves, upholstered wall panels or installing booths can all set you on your journey to becoming acoustically smart with your office design.

We feel the best option is to create a range of working environments within your space, zoning areas with varying levels of acoustics to ensure the needs of each employee are met. This consequently boosts productivity and job satisfaction.


To conclude, acoustics in workplace design is something that affects everyone; we have learnt that there are so many methods of incorporating acoustics into your space and there is opportunity for everyone, whatever the budgetary requirements.

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